Training !

Wamika training wing imart training to corporate , internship and indvidual modes of training. Wamika Corporate Training is focused on industrail software requirements related to the technology , database and improvement of standards. Internship is for the specific domain, technology and duration a job seeker wants to improve himself. Wamika helps to reduce the gaps between acdamic and real time secnarios.

Wamika deals with the technologies like Web Desining, ASP.NET and C#, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, Oracle etc., And help will be provided when the wamika team is availabe to the task in internship. This it is not a mandatory task for the wamika team.

Wamika is having all rights to cancel the intenship of the candidate due to any technical or any other reasons to continue with the task. The internship candidate can also withdraw from his internship task.

Wamika Individaul training is on the subects like C, C++, Web Designing, Dotnet, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SAS etc., You can consult Wamika for any other courses not listed above. If a batch is formed and sufficient Wamika consults you provided setup is ready with Wamika.