Wamika Consultancy Service provides HR and Training services to the potential employeers and Job Seekers. Human Resources map to the skill set specific demands. Wamika cares about its technical aspect with the demand and be selective the matching cadidate skill set. It is the better platform for the employers and job seekers.

Wamika Training is based on the technologies where wamika team works with the products and services and the simillar essential and desired skills expected by the employer. Wamika includes all major platforms and supportive collabarations where Wamika work together with partners or associates. Wamika HR and Training complement each other.

Wamika Support Services is to provide the services in the business to customer online activities. These can be a real estate, r martimonial , educational , entertainment or information. Services are some times provide service oriented applications useful to the users of a paricular domain.

Wamika R&D Services are test based online services and subjected to exclude based on servaral prospects of a particular service. Wamika marks these services with a specific note. The majority users opinion reflects the final and stable state of a service.