Welcome to Wamika !

Wamika is the source of some useful services in the technical domain and the public domain users. The technical domain users familiar with the software function and the service usage. The public domain users are the general users know about the internet and connect with some some public service.

Wamika's software development wing focusd on the web designing and hosting , and making the software products or the services useful for the both technical and public domains users. Wamika R& D also being the part of its software development.

Wamika’s regular training offers courses on demand and internship training program for the special group of candidates where the trainees are responsible to their deliverables for the given modules to them. Wamika provides abstracts and give some general training and tips.

Wamika's consultancy is either HR service or other service related. From the HR perspective Wamika is the connecter between the employer and job seeker. Wamika provides the real time environment and the scenarios useful for the candidate who looks for some key skills application in the choosen technology. Other services are related to the public domain specific utilities.